About the Publisher

Sprotin are a renowned Faroese publisher based in Vestmanna, and are the producers of high quality books which specialise in the cultural life of the islands.

Marius Olsen | Prints 1980 - 2016The lavish 400 page career retrospective of print-maker Marius Olsen.

For 30 years the company have steadily grown to become the major publishers in the Faroe Islands, and have gone on to win several major awards, including three nominations for the Nordic Council Literature Prize, and six novels which have received the most prestigious Faroese literary prize, The M.A Jacobsen's literary prize. In 2010 Sprotin was given an honorary award for cultural achievements by the Faroese Government.

Recent releases have included two lavish art publications, including one of the art of William Heinesen, the celebrated writer and poet, and a career retrospective of innovative print-maker Marius Olsen.

These reasons and more are why Sprotin are the perfect publisher for The Land of Maybe, a landmark photographic publication documenting contemporary life in the Faroe Islands, due to be released in 2017.

To contact the publisher for more information, please visit their website here or write to them at:

Sp/f Sprotin Hornavegur 12 FO-350 Vestmanna Føroyar  or email: sprotin@sprotin.fo